Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jaggu Dada...

So, since I've been caught up dealing with a million different emotions and new situations and new life etc., I just realized today how I miss writing. Yet, I'm still caught up with other things to write anything decent....but I still want to post something so here is something short I had written during my initial days when I first got my brahmana initiation and went on the altar...

Dear Jagannath...
The throbbing feet I can ignore,
sacrifice my precious world of snore,
the burns, the cuts, the bruises
all I can dismiss away as excuses
to see your beautiful smile on the merciful Jagannath

P.S: The burns were from cooking, the cuts from making garlands (I always found a way to bruise my skin with the needle and cut my self with scissors and the bruises from banging myself on random things like doors, tables and chairs as I ran from the altar to the pujari to finish dressing by darshan. I attribute all this to the burning away my karma of deity worship offenses on the altar :)